Innocence in Love No More??

Hello one. Hello all.

There is no particular point to this post and it’s probably going to be super short also but I just had something on my mind. I was watching this old Hindi movie which had a lot of subtle romance and eye locks and the little things that people do when they’re in love.


It got me thinking: has the innocence disappeared in this day and age? The movie I was watching came out in the late 90’s, so I basically grew up on this type of romance. The type of love that makes you smile the second you think about it. The kind of romance that isn’t in your face and one that isn’t bandied about on social media.

Yeah, such romance used to exist.

People didn’t always have Facebook to declare their love on. They actually used to talk about their feelings in person and not write on each others’ wall saying ‘I love you’. But I digress. As always.

I was asking: has the innocence gone? I mean how many people actually look at someone across the room and give them dopey, secretive, I’m-in-love-with-you smiles. Or how many couples look into each others’ eyes and sit in silence just soaking in that glorious feeling of being in love?

I’ve been out of the relationship game for a while so I don’t know how it works anymore. But I’m a closeted romantic so for me, all of this is more important than the public displays of affection that I am subjected to on a daily basis.

It is what it is.

Until next time,

Live long and prosper.

May the Force be with you.